Den nye Run Merino Socks

“I have to be able to rely 100% on both my body and my equipment. With CEP Socks and Running Shorts I know that my legs stay fit longer and are full of energy”.
Stephan Siegrist, Swiss professional climber and CEPro

If professional alpinist Stephan Siegrist and Ironman champion Michelle Vesterby developed a product together the new run merino socks would be the result. They combine the advantages of merino wool’s natural heat and moisture management with the outstanding performance properties of synthetic fiber. The socks warm you when it is cold and keep you cool when your body temperature rises. Perfectly suited for cold, wet days and one less excuse not to get outside and run.
With the Run Merino Socks you benefit from the unique combination of premium merino wool, polypropylene and high-tech spandex. What does that mean? Perfect anatomical fit and extreme durability! They ensure for an excellent heat and moisture management so that you enjoy optimal thermal balance. The close-fitting foot section helps to prevent blisters and the padded zones relieve pressure where it’s needed most. As a special extra the Run Merino Socks have an antibacterial and odor-reducing effect.
Run Merino Socks are perfect for runners, trail runners, cross-country skiers, ski tourers and all endurance athletes.

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Stephan Siegrist with CEP Run Merino Socks